Wychwood School

Wychwood, an independent girls school of some 140 pupils, has a refreshing air of individuality and a real sense of character. It also happens to compete with Oxford’s powerhouse of elite independent schools, so as a marketing exercise it is a question of choosing arguments and playing to strengths.

Wychwood offers an intimate, almost bespoke education. Academic achievements are impressive and it has recently been awarded 2nd place in The Sunday Times Top 50 Fee-Paying Schools. Presented as an alluring, exciting alternative to the larger more dominant schools, the emphasis is placed on the joy, wonder, adventure, personal expression and sisterly bond between friends. The mildly kooky Wychwood ‘product’ offers a wonderful opportunity to market things a little bit differently, Not just for the sake of it but because Wychwood is different and I believe this difference is cause for celebration.



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