Olives Et Al

'The Little Things' is a quietly positive message in tumultuous times, a reassuring hug for an unsettled market place. It rises above the need to spoon feed the usual sales-led clichés and instead dwells on the subtle nuances of how Olives Et Al make you feel. It plays on that little poke of inner joy when you discover torn basil leaves in your tomorosso siciliano, the self satisfaction of placing such a funky jar on your shelves or even the warm fuzzy feeling you have after a convivial conversation with one of their sales team. Being a customer of Olives Et Al is about so much more than simply buying stuff to put on the shelves of your swanky deli or kitchen cupboard. It's about a connection with something special, an appreciation and celebration of the critical non-essentials - The Little Things.

Always intended as more than just an advertising campaign, 'The Little Things' has evolved to now serve as the benchmark for Olives Et Al's internal corporate culture.


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